Monday, December 5, 2011

SICK KIDS & Menu Planning

OK SO weve been blasted with a sickness! All the kids have been very very sick and thats why Ive been so absent. We had a pretty crummy weekend here...sick kids...grumpy Daddy...Trenton was feeling better though. Of course he was feeling better...he passed it on to his brothers and sister!Nice. Anyways...Hoping for a better week and HOPEFULLY we will finally get the Tree up!

Ive been trying to figure out an easy way to menu plan and make meals work for us. Since hubbys schedule is so crazy and we all want to eat at different times...and on school nights the kids dont want to eat hardly anything at all...I was thinking...maby Ill make smaller meals on school nights or the days hubby works and then on his nights off maby do some real cooking. Try new recipes..actually eat together...etc. I think it might work out. Im going to be working on Januarys Menu soon....if I can snag a few hours in.

Tonight we are going to be making some ornaments with the kids. We will see how that turns out!.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Trenton was suppose to be in a parade tonite. He was going to dress as a snowman and parch in the parade. When he got home from school he was in tears and said he didnt feel good. He really wanted to go but I insisted he stay home...ecspecially if he was crying becuase he didnt feel good. I told him there was always next year. Im pretty sad becuase this is the first year that Trenton was able to march and next year he will most likely be homeschooled :( On a good note...he layed and slept most the evening away...woke and had some toast and then went right back to sleep. Love u Trenton...Hope you feel better!!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well here it is December first already! I am a bit behind on planning for the Holiday. I just started planning fun activities that we can do for the next few weeks in the lead up to Christmas. Ive done a ton of printing and laminateing of the wonderful printables I find online for the kids. Ive gathered all of our Christmassy crafts supplies. I just need to work out a plan for all the fun stuff I have planned. And with the Big boys in school....It makes it very difficult.

All of our Christmas books have been pulled from the bookshelf and into a basket so the children can read and look at them whenever they want! Every year I buy one or two to add to our collection but this year I found some really nice cheap lots on we have lots to read here this year!

We havent even gotten our Christmas tree up yet. I do plan on putting it up tomarro...but with Hubbys Crazy Work schedule and the big boys in school...I just cant seem to find a time to do it. Im thinking maby tomarro night but then Trenton is in a Christmas Parade tomarro night so most likely we wont get to it until Saturday afternoon.

Ive been adding Christmas Movies to my Q on Netflix and we can start watching Great Christmas Movies!

I hope to have the children learn a few Christmas Carols this year now the older boys are old enough to memorize! Maybe a poem and a Rhyme or two as well.

Cant wait to share our fun with you!