Monday, December 5, 2011

SICK KIDS & Menu Planning

OK SO weve been blasted with a sickness! All the kids have been very very sick and thats why Ive been so absent. We had a pretty crummy weekend here...sick kids...grumpy Daddy...Trenton was feeling better though. Of course he was feeling better...he passed it on to his brothers and sister!Nice. Anyways...Hoping for a better week and HOPEFULLY we will finally get the Tree up!

Ive been trying to figure out an easy way to menu plan and make meals work for us. Since hubbys schedule is so crazy and we all want to eat at different times...and on school nights the kids dont want to eat hardly anything at all...I was thinking...maby Ill make smaller meals on school nights or the days hubby works and then on his nights off maby do some real cooking. Try new recipes..actually eat together...etc. I think it might work out. Im going to be working on Januarys Menu soon....if I can snag a few hours in.

Tonight we are going to be making some ornaments with the kids. We will see how that turns out!.

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