Thursday, March 15, 2012


It's been FOREVER since I have wrote anything!!!!!
Hmmm.....Kids are getting so big! Still going to Public school...BLAH! Hoping I can bring them home and homeschool next school year. We will see how that flies! Hubby bought me a new mini Bike...SUPER FUN! Ill get some pics up as soon as I can.
Im so proud of  Carter. He won an award and will be awarded at school tomarro for Student Character award for Fairness! Im so proud of him....even though I was in shock when I read it because Fairness? Carter is never very fair...HES STUBBORN! LOL! Ah well.....YAY CARTER!
We are busy planning a trip to Virginia Beach. So excited! We will be leaving Easter night....and Spending 3-4 days...wanting to camp at a State Park nearby but Ill have to call and make reservations :) Super excited about taking the kids to see the Ocean!!!!!
I guess that's all for now....Hopefully Ill be back tomarro uploading pictures of Carter getting his award!

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