Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well here it is December first already! I am a bit behind on planning for the Holiday. I just started planning fun activities that we can do for the next few weeks in the lead up to Christmas. Ive done a ton of printing and laminateing of the wonderful printables I find online for the kids. Ive gathered all of our Christmassy crafts supplies. I just need to work out a plan for all the fun stuff I have planned. And with the Big boys in school....It makes it very difficult.

All of our Christmas books have been pulled from the bookshelf and into a basket so the children can read and look at them whenever they want! Every year I buy one or two to add to our collection but this year I found some really nice cheap lots on we have lots to read here this year!

We havent even gotten our Christmas tree up yet. I do plan on putting it up tomarro...but with Hubbys Crazy Work schedule and the big boys in school...I just cant seem to find a time to do it. Im thinking maby tomarro night but then Trenton is in a Christmas Parade tomarro night so most likely we wont get to it until Saturday afternoon.

Ive been adding Christmas Movies to my Q on Netflix and we can start watching Great Christmas Movies!

I hope to have the children learn a few Christmas Carols this year now the older boys are old enough to memorize! Maybe a poem and a Rhyme or two as well.

Cant wait to share our fun with you!

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