Monday, November 28, 2011


It was another great day here in NY! WHOOT WHOOT! 
If this keeps up we might have a Green Christmas!
Anyways...we took the kids to a different park today.
They had a ton of fun and didnt want to leave
I ended up getting a great picture of all the boys together....
And Hudson he just loves to swing and he does such a great job for only being 2 years old!
After playing at the park we took them to another park across town and went for a stroll through it..we went over a big wooden bridge..Well I didnt...
My legs shake to much!
Hudson loved walking with Daddy...I think he thought he was a big boy!
About 4:30 a storm passed through. It didnt rain much but the wind was RIDICULOUS!
We let the boys stay and play until it started raining really hard. 
It was still a great day!

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